Guitar Fingerstyle - A Narada Collection (1996)

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Guitar Fingerstyle - A Narada Collection

Альбом: Guitar Fingerstyle - A Narada Collection
Исполнитель: VA
Год: 1996
Жанр: Акустика
Качество: mp3 320
Размер: 133 Mb

01-Tim Farrell-Little Martha
02-Edward Gerhard-Crow
03-Billy McLaughlin-South by Winterwest
04-Pat Kirtley-Daisy Goes A Dancing
05-Don Ross-That'll Be the Phone
06-Benjamin Woolman-Soul Discovery
07-Laurence Juber-Lunar Eclipse
08-Muriel Anderson-To B or Not To B
09-Stephen Bennett-Perestroika
10-D. R. Auten-If Only I Had Wings
11-Don Ross-The First Ride
12-Muriel Anderson-It Never Gets Easier
13-Billy McLaughlin-Helms Place
14-Tommy Jones-Only My Heart
15-D. R. Auten-Angela
16-Pat Kirtley-Grandpa's Lullaby

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